icaria Mobile Factory

Build mobile management applications

icaria Mobile Factory mobilizes business management applications.

icaria Mobile Factory supports all the most popular operating systems and device formats: smartphones and tablets. The application is configured just once, and then automatically generated in a portable technology. The mobile applications can leverage native terminal features, enriching the user experience

It works in tandem with and shares characteristics and capabilities of, the other icaria factories. Therefore, information systems created with icaria Lean Factory can also benefit from a mobile access. In that scenario the functional module is unique.

icaria Mobile Factory is constantly evolving, incorporating new formats and capabilities of mobile terminals.

Main Features

Multiple formats

Smartphone and tablet.

Popular operating systems

iOS, Android.

Phonegap based

Portable technology.

HTML5 & Javascript

Use HTML5 & javascript to implement advance UI features.

Custom apps

Implement a custom app using generated components and business logic.

Easy to use apps

Small device oriented apps.

Main web page

Define an external web page as main window.


Minimum app server data exchange

Mobilise your management applications

Mobile UP (Mobile UPgrade) is the icaria Mobile Factory solution for mobilising existing business applications.

icaria Mobile Factory currently creates applications on different operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry OS, among others) and in different formats (smart phone or tablet).