icaria Lean Factory

Build business support software efficiently

Log on to icaria Lean Factory, switch the cartridge on and forget about coding. Thanks to the configurator, simply describe the information system or application in terms of components, regardless of the implementation.

What can I accomplish with icaria Lean Factory?


Design, generate, test, evolve the system using unique icaria capabilities.


Rebuild an obsolete system. Reducing maintenance costs and freeing resources to create new capabilities.


Take your on-premise information systems to a Cloud environment.


Create mobile applications for legacy systems, any OS, tablet and smartphone.

Re platform

Create different versions of a successful system for different execution architectures. Maintain just one functional model.

Product development

Develop first class business solutions as a product. Maintain and evolve them with minimum cost.


Create functional version of a system boosts sales process success rate.


Use icaria Test Lab to test external systems.

Define the system from a functional perspective

Create the functional components of the application using the configurator.The components (e.g. data sources, business entities, events, process, GUI, batch processes, web services,..) are defined just once and referenced when needed. Before generating the application, run a functional model review, and discover inconsistencies in seconds.

icaria Lean Factory will assist you during the process:

  • Auto configurable GUI
  • Guided error-free configuration
  • Top-down and bottom-up view:
    • Top-down view: Icaria makes most of the decisions. Oriented to sales activities and early design stages
    • Bottom-up: Multiple configuration options, that enables a highly precise design. Oriented to build and test stages

and more...

Collaborate with your team. Off-site. Share your work.
An always updated documentation of the functional model.
Full control of model versions with the built-in version control: tags, branches, conflict resolution and all the features you may expect.

Data layer configuration with icaria

CRUD configuration with icaria

Please, refer to our FAQ page for further clarifications on icaria Lean Factory