Frequently Asked Questions

In this page we have gathered commonly asked questions about our technology and products.

icaria factory Lean tester

icaria Lean Factory

The MDA (Model Driven Architecture) paradigm, advocated by the Object Management Group.

The language and architecture is determined by the cartridge. The currently available cartridges are J2EE y COBOL-CICS-DB2, with web front end. Also, icaria Mobile Factory creates mobile applications for all the most popular operating systems.

No. The source code is available. It can be maintained either by independent programmers or by the icaria Lean Factory or another icaria factory. In netZima, we believe that the second option is the most efficient, but there is no obligation to take it.

No. The icaria factories are under license and there are independent integrators who use it. Please, visit our icaria partner's page. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about this.

No. In fact it is easier to understand than code created manually. It is more structured, consistent and documented.

Yes. From capturing the specifications, generating the system, undertaking automated testing to maintenance and on-going development.

icaria Mobile Factory enables the creation of applications for the different operating systems currently in existence (IOS and Android, Windows Phone) and they can be used on smart phones and/or tablets.

Yes. Together with the code icaria generates the functional documentation in HTML format and the technical documentation associated with the code.

Yes. A standard cartridge can be adapted to the specification of an individual client. For extended information on this issue, please visit icaria engineering services page.

There are various strategies: web services, access to different databases, flat files and the possibility of including calls to proprietary APIs.

No. The functional model includes sufficient information to generate the necessary code. The database access is optimized using indexing and volume information.

Yes. And the included code is respected in successive automatic regenerations of the system.

Not significantly. It generates more structured code and possibly more files, which effectively gives a more ordered result.

icaria Lean Tester

No it is not. Although icaria Lean Tester has a test cases and test cycles management functionality, its main feature is DATA management. Create and maintain the data every test case needs and provide it right on time, as many times as needed..