icaria Cloud Factory

Build cloud-ready applications

icaria Cloud Factory is the platform which allows companies and individuals to create applications for the cloud and from the cloud, without any need to invest in technology or to have any special technical knowledge, and to do it in significantly reduced timescales and at a fraction of the current cost.

Thanks to icaria Cloud Factory no great idea will be left in the gutter because of a lack of technical knowledge and/or resources, because now any organisation or individual can design, create, and deploy their application rapidly, economically and easily. No software needs to be installed because the factory itself is located in a cloud. What’s more, the platform allows the entrepreneur to take their creation to other public clouds, to improve it and to integrate it with other applications.

For public clouds, icaria Cloud Factory means capturing the idea from conception, without the need to redevelop applications originally designed for pre-cloud environments. icaria Cloud Factory signifies multiplying the number of viable ideas which can be converted into reality, and is a powerful driving force to the economy of knowledge and information.

Main Features

Generate. Do not code

Design your application. Press play.

Built-in functionality

Benefit from icaria based available modules.

Multi tenant

A powerful multi organization solution for your application.

Multi language

Labels, messaging and operational information

Security and access management

Ready-to-use user access functionality.

Application themes

Match your corporate colors.


If needed, add some custom code

Flexible deployment

Deploy your application in several public clouds. Or in a private cloud

and more...

Deploy your application with one of the most widely adopted platforms to automate and simplify cloud service delivery.
Review the icaria Suite catalog. Your application can be built on top of it. Save time and money.
Your application can use third party cloud services, so you do not have to create everything from scratch.

We take your applications to the Cloud

Cloud UP (Cloud UPgrade) is the icaria Cloud Factory solution for taking existing applications to the cloud or for creating new ones from scratch.

icaria Cloud Factory includes a module which enables the generated applications to manage a multi-organisation environment. Furthermore, icaria® Cloud Factory creates applications integrated with the primary public clouds (Vodafone Business Place, Aplicateca, NEC, Windows Azure).


icaria Cloud Factory development project has benefited from the Spanish Government Ministry of Industry (Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo) and European Union funding and support.

MDA Architecture for Cloud Computing applications development - ICARIA CLOUD FACTORY 4.0 file number: TSI-020602-2012-158